Pirates of the Seven Seas Mobile Game

Pirates of the Seven Seas
by Gameloft

Leave no scurvy enemy alive. Arrgh!

If you are fascinated by the world of pirates and have always dreamed of crossing swords and emptying your pistol into a horde of bloodthirsty, wild enemies, Pirates of the Seven Seas is the must-have game for your mobile phone. Once downloaded, a fabulous adventure awaits you on your phone, where you'll get to play a reckless pirate braving the greatest dangers on the hunt for a lost treasure. In the jungle, on a boat, in the pirate town, or on an antique surfboard, you'll also get the chance to free the sexiest prisoners along the way!

- 8 action/adventure levels spread out over 3 environments recreating the entire pirate world.
- Head-spinning surf sequences, bringing unique gameplay variety to the genre.
- Use your pistol and sword to perform destructive combos and learn to handle your hook.
- Impressive jumps and acrobatic slides, plus lots of close-combat combos to master.
- Wipe out hordes of enemies: zombie pirates, bosses, sea monsters, etc.

Nokia 3650 (S60v1 176x208) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/251149_
Nokia 6600 (S60v2 176x208) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/358664_
Nokia 3250 (S60v3 176x208) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/358664_
Nokia 5700 (S60v3 240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/358660_
Nokia N96 (S60v3 240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/358660_
Nokia E62 (S60v3 320x240) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/245632_
Nokia N80 (S60v3 352x416) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/251148_
Sony Ericsson V800 (176x220) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/285040_
Sony Ericsson W810 (176x220) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/251147_
Sony Ericsson S700 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/308932_
Sony Ericsson K800 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/251146_
Sony Ericsson K850 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/358657_
Sony Ericsson W580 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/251146_
Sony Ericsson W760 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/251146_
Sony Ericsson W880 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/251146_
Sony Ericsson W890 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/358657_
Sony Ericsson W910 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/308931_
Sony Ericsson W950 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/308931_
Sony Ericsson W960 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/308931_
Sony Ericsson W980 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/251146_
Sony Ericsson C902 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/251146_
Sony Ericsson G700 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/251146_

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