Shopping Madness Mobile Game

Get 5 for 1 in this wacky shopping adventure! It's a shopper's paradise with up to 5 floors of shopping madness, each with its own fun way to play. Go on the ultimate shopping spree with up to 40 shopping challenges and more shoes, clothes and make-up than you can imagine! Get your cart, and let's go shopping!

Shop for shoes, clothes, make-up and more on the shopping spree of a lifetime!

Up to 40 shopping challenges in the dash to become the World’s Top Shopper.

Explore up to 5 floors of an exclusive department store, each with its own unique way to play.

Fend off up to 4 hilarious shopping opponents.

Shopping Madness nok n95
Shopping Madness nok n80
Shopping Madness nok 7270
Shopping Madness nok 5500
Shopping Madness nok 5300
Shopping Madness nok 3250

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