Shrek The Third Mobile Game

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Shrek rules your mobile phone!

Your favorite ogre comes to the small screen in the official mobile game of the highly-anticipated movie: Shrek the Third. Now you can play as Shrek or Dragon and meet all of Shrek's famous friends along the way, including Donkey and Puss In Boots. Travel through Far Far Away, the Magic Forest and the royal Castle, all during your medieval quest to bring the rightful heir to the kingdom's throne. Battle fairy tale villains, unlock secret locations, find special bonuses and enjoy the ogre-sized humor of the character interactions and animated game scenes.

- The official mobile game of the movie, Shrek the Third
- Two different play modes: Play as Shrek during platform phases or fly through the city as Dragon and use her fiery dragon-breath!
- 8 levels which transport you through the city of Far Far Away, the Magic Forest and the Castle
- Hilarious, animated game scenes that recreate the movie's fantastic humor
- Unlock secret locations by breaking walls and discover special bonuses!


Nokia 3650 (S60v1 176x208)
Nokia 6600 (S60v2 176x208)
Nokia 6630 (S60v2 176x208)
Nokia 6670 (S60v2 176x208)
Nokia 6680 (S60v2 176x208)
Nokia 7610 (S60v2 176x208)
Nokia N70 (S60v2 176x208)
Sony Ericsson W910 (240x320)
Nokia 3250 (S60v3 176x208)
Nokia N91 (S60v3 176x208)
Nokia 6120 Classic (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia 6220 Classic (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia E50 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia E51 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N73 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N81 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N93 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia E62 (S60v3 320x240)
Nokia N80 (S60v3 352x416)
Nokia 2610 (S40v2 128x128)
Nokia 3500 Classic (S40v3 128x160)
Nokia 2760 (S40v5 128x160)
Nokia 6233 (S40v3 240x320)
Nokia 6500 Slide (S40v5 240x320)
Nokia 6600 Slide (S40v5 240x320)
HTC Tilt/Pilgrim 8900 (240x320)
HTC Star Trek (240x320)
HTC/SPV E650 (240x320)
HTC Touch P3450 (240x320)
HTC Touch Cruise P3650 (240x320)
HTC TyTN II/Kaiser (240x320)
HTC Touch Dual P5500 (240x320)
Samsung i900 Omnia (240x400)
Samsung i607 BlackJack (320x240)
Samsung i620 (320x240)
Samsung i780 (320x320)

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