WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2008 Mobile Game

Download WWE Smackdown VS RAW 2008 mobile game

In play, the feature list is as extensive. You can execute all the moves you'd expect, climb up on the side of the ring to perform an airborne move, and indeed leave the ring entirely where you'll find weapons (depending on the mode) that you can use to bludgeon your opponent with.

All seems in order, then. Well, no. Unfortunately the game hits the canvas when it comes to its key aspect – the fighting itself – which feels clunky and clumsy. When you're not engaged in the dull and all-too-frequent mini-game to determine the result of a grapple, there's not enough variation to the brawling. Even throwing in the special moves doesn't help, seeing as they lose their impact because of the nagging feeling of disconnection.

Without climbing up on the ring or trying to throw your opponent, your only option is a generic '5' key kick. The easiest way to down an opponent becomes to just to run at them by bouncing off the ring-side until they're tired enough to pin down.

The best way to describe it (as odd as it may sound given the subject matter) is that WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 lacks grace. There's simply no satisfaction to performing moves, and attacking your opponent just feels like laying into dough. And here there's no metaphorical pizza to reward your kneading efforts.

It's a real pity the game lets itself down in such a core respect, because most other elements are commendable. Structurally, the game is good, offering a variety of modes and progression. Granted, it's not as accomplished visually, but it does the job and the character generation has real shades of brilliance to it.


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