Spider-Man: Toxic City Mobile Game

Green Goblin is releasing a serum that will turn innocent civilians into mutant monsters. As Spider-Man, you will encounter arch enemies including Electro, Shocker, Rhino, Vulture, Doc Oc and many more. Defeat these dangerous foes and gather their DNA to produce an antidote to Green Goblin's mutant serum. As the story unfolds, you will discover exciting new abilities such as web-swinging, wall-crawling and fighting moves. State of the art animation and design faithfully recapture the sleek, dark and comic book essence of the original Spider-Man.

Stop Green Goblin's plans in a Spider-Man beat'em up action game. Fight Doc Oc, Rhino, Shocker and more. Even play as Mary Jane and Peter Parker.


E51/E50/N6110: http://depositfiles.com/files/sdqdc9582
E71: http://depositfiles.com/files/yurmdy8ve
N80: http://depositfiles.com/files/xx4u4d5cp
N73 (1MB): http://depositfiles.com/files/3szaqtb95
N95 (1MB): http://depositfiles.com/files/65eb4eqfh
N73/N85 (600kB): http://depositfiles.com/files/sdcd08tyf
N95/N81/N82/N96 (600kB): http://depositfiles.com/files/wlc6w6hfr
N5800: http://depositfiles.com/files/003h0emn7

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