Kingsoft PowerWord v3.1.1 Official CN Version & ENG Version

Download Kingsoft PowerWord v3.1.1 Official CN Version + EN Version

PowerWord products - mobile phones official version 3.1.1 PowerWord massive dictionary, enter the real pronunciation of the English term, according to the default button to obtain a concise version of the translation results, provide real American English pronunciation (click the sound icon in the Interpretation or answer key). Attached to the local dictionary, is not commonly used networking can also query the concise definition of terms.? Can be moved to use the down arrow at the bottom of the page, click on "show full version" link, you can display the full version of the translation results, including the interpretation of the sentence, phrase, word fractal transform, synonyms, antonyms and so on.? Sentence in the English translation of input sentences, sentence by translation of key access to the results of reference samples at the same time.?PowerWord daily love from a classic one day, click on the title of one day, will show its text, the arrow keys to move the body of the link on the bottom left corner of the screen there will be links to text translation, according to details can be found in the key Interpretation.

Download the Chinese Version :

Download the English Version :

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