Cartoon Yourself : Football Cup Edition Mobile Game

With CARTOON YOURSELF: WORLD CUP EDITION! TM you will be able to draw cartoons of your friends on soccer clothes or popular soccer players with your mobile phone as a professional drawer. Draw cartoons and design your own avatars for your webs, communities and social networks. You will be able to save them in your cell phone, send them to your friends, to download them to your personal computer or to use them when they ring to your phone. A game and an useful application at the same time for any kind of mobile device that will allow you to have great and funny times with your friends.

• Draw cartoons of all your friends and send them to their mobile phones!
• Design your own characters as you desire. There are hundreds of possibilities!
• Enjoy ** your characters in an easy and ** way.
• Be part of an exclusive community, sharing your cartoons, make commentaries about them and participating in contest with a lot of funny prizes!

Download Cartoon Yourself : Football Cup Edition Mobile Game

3250 (176x208):
N95 (240x320):
N80 (352x416):

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